WizudaSecure Email & File Sharing

Protection for your business

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Integrates with your Outlook

Wizuda is designed to Integrate with your Outlook so that you can get all of the security and data breach prevention capabilities without having to change your business processes. Simply use the toggle feature to secure your emails or set secure mail sending as your default.

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Protection Against Cyber Attack

With cyber attacks on the rise and being at their highest levels to date, it is imperative that businesses implement the right technical solutions to protect theirs and their customers’ data. Wizuda software has been built with security by design and protects your business from such attacks in a multitude of ways.

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Protection Against Data Breaches

Data Breaches can be very costly to businesses in terms of time and resources, not to mention the reputational damage and potential fines. Wizuda has been built with privacy by design and protects from the most common data breaches seen today e.g. human error.

Secure Spaces for File Sharing and Collaboration

Wizuda Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs), provides a secure space for document storage, collaboration and distribution. Wizuda VDRs can be set up in minutes, enabling users to manage deals and company projects more efficiently, without compromising on security and compliance.


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