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6 Essential GDPR Requirements when Transferring Data

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Data Protection by Design

Wizuda’s Compliant File Share and Compliant Data Transfer solutions are built with privacy and compliance by design. Both products include granular permission and security control settings, full audit trails, a host of features built around compliance, and evidence based reporting which make passing data protection audits easier.

GDPR requirements Wizuda


Impact Assessments

Under the GDPR, Data Protection Impact Assessments are mandatory wherever there is high risk.

Wizuda CDT includes full impact assessment management with the ability to link to data transfers.  This helps to ensure compliance requirements are implemented at the transfer job configuration stages.

Wizuda CFS offers simple customisable impact assessment tick boxes which the user is prompted to answer prior to sharing a file.  Depending on the combination of answers and determined risk level, the message will either be sent for approval or directly on to the recipient.

GDPR requirements Wizuda


Data Security

Wizuda supports the latest secure protocol technologies including HTTPS and SFTP, along with encryption and data tamper-proofing; this ensures your file shares and data transfers are fully secured at rest and in transit.

GDPR requirements Wizuda


Principles & Safeguards

Implement appropriate data protection principles such as data minimisation and safeguards such as encryption.

The Wizuda Data Minimisation module comes as standard in both products removing the need to use separate data transformation tools.  This module enables users to minimise personal data through applying anonymisation, pseudonymisation and/or exclusion techniques in accordance with the GDPR.

Wizuda also supports the latest encryption technologies for all file share and data transfer operations.

GDPR requirements Wizuda


Data Retention Policies

Apply automatic data retention schedules to reduce storage costs and ensure your organisation is keeping data in accordance with its data protection policy.

GDPR requirements Wizuda



The Accountability principle in Article 5 of the GDPR requires businesses to be able to demonstrate compliant processes.  Wizuda’s Evidence Based Reporting provides instant visibility over all file sharing and data transfer operations making it easier to pass data protection audits.

GDPR requirements Wizuda
Wizuda CFS

Compliant File Share
Easy & Secure File Sharing For Your Business

The Wizuda Compliant File Share (CFS) solution provides a secure way for users to share personally or commercially sensitive data, both within their organisation and externally with third parties. CFS replaces sending such data over email, which is inherently insecure, and removes the need to transfer large files using methods such as USB, WeTransfer and Dropbox. The Wizuda CFS solution offers secure file sharing straight from your Outlook email or secure web portal, plus the addition of features specifically designed to meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

Wizuda mapping data

Compliant Data Transfer
One Central Platform For Managing All Organisational Data Transfers

The Wizuda Compliant Data Transfer (CDT) solution enables you to truly secure and manage the movement of critical data within your organisation and with external parties from one centralised solution. Guaranteed file delivery, full audit trails, automated health checking, and instant reporting on all transfer activities; Wizuda’s fully scalable CDT solution enables you to increase operational efficiencies and regain full control of your organisation’s file transfers.

Built with Privacy by Design, it provides a centralised hub with the compliance elements needed for the management of all organisational data transfers in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

Digital SARs
Manage DSARs Requests Efficiently

Managing Digital Subject Access Requests can be an immense burden on resources for any organisation, and if managed incorrectly can have significant implications under GDPR regulations. The Wizuda DSARs solution allows organisations to:

  • Efficiently manage data requests
  • Prove DSARs are managed compliantly and within the SLA
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce resource costs by moving to digital

The Wizuda DSARs solution enables organisations to maintain a complete record of Data Subject Access Request activities in order to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations.

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