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Wizuda are a leading provider of secure data transfer technology. All of our software is built with security and compliance by design. Wizuda’s secure email and file sharing ensures full end to end encryption of your data, large file sharing straight you’re your Outlook, data breach prevention features and full audit trails throughout. Wizuda MFT provides a central hub through which all file transfers can be automated and managed giving you full visibility of the data coming in and out of your organisation and the ability to ensure the right governance and security over them.

Discover more about Wizuda and our secure data transfer solutions below.

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Secure Data Transfer Service To Protect Businesses

The goal of Wizuda has always been to protect businesses from cyber attacks of any nature. That is why we spent years developing a suite of secure data transfer solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your day-to-day operations. This empowers you and your workforce to spend more time on what is important to your business: creating value for customers and increasing productivity.

By using Wizuda’s secure data transfer solutions, you are protecting your business against potentially costly data breaches or leaks, whilst also staying compliant with constantly changing EU and Irish regulatory laws meaning you don’t have to.

Innovative Secure Data Transfer System

We have a full suite of data transfer solutions to ensure the movement of data internally and externally is safe and compliant. Below are some of Wizuda’s secure data transfer tools that help us achieve this.

Secure Email
Wizuda integrates with your Outlook giving you all email security and data breach prevention capabilities without having to change your business processes.

Virtual Data Room Software
Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software (VDR) provide your business with a secure online repository for document storage, collaboration and sharing.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)
Control, automate and secure your organisation’s data transfer activities.

Web Form Software & Case Management
The easy way to collect data from your website and streamline case management securely and compliantly.

Data Anonymisation
Enabling you to simply and effectively anonymise or pseudonymise data.

Integrates with your Outlook

Wizuda is designed to Integrate with your Outlook so that you can get all of the security and data breach prevention capabilities without having to change your business processes. Simply use the toggle feature to secure your emails or set secure mail sending as your default.

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Protection Against Cyber Attack

With cyber attacks on the rise and being at their highest levels to date, it is imperative that businesses implement the right technical solutions to protect theirs and their customers’ data. Wizuda software has been built with security by design and protects your business from such attacks in a multitude of ways.

Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Protection Against Data Breaches

Data Breaches can be very costly to businesses in terms of time and resources, not to mention the reputational damage and potential fines. Wizuda has been built with privacy by design and protects from the most common data breaches seen today e.g. human error.

Secure Data Transfer Protocols

To ensure that data is shared and transferred in the safest and most secure ways possible, Wizuda provides a number of safe transfer options through an efficient set of data transfer protocols. Host Connectors are used in the MFT system to configure secure sources and destinations. Data Transmit Jobs connect to source hosts via Host Connectors to authenticate and transfer data to destination locations.

Wizuda MFT supports a wide range of transfer protocols, such as but not limited to: SFTP, FTP, FTPS, AMQP, SCP, HTTPS/API, Secure SMB, AS2, Azure Blob storage, AWS S3 Storage.

Wizuda MFT Secure Data Transfer

Secure Spaces for File Sharing and Collaboration

Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software (VDR), provides a secure space for document storage, collaboration and distribution. Wizuda VDRs can be set up in minutes, enabling users to manage deals and company projects more efficiently, without compromising on security and compliance.

Wizuda DMaaP

DMaaP stands for Data Movement across any Platform.

Businesses across all industries, whether large or small,
are striving to find ways to process and move their data securely in order to enhance the customer experience. This is where Wizuda DMaaP comes in. 

Wizuda DMaaP is a fully integrated, real-time data management platform that enables organisations to move, process, analyse and store data.

Find out more about how Data Movement across any Platform can help your business.

Industries we serve

Wizuda secure data transfer is perfectly designed for a number of industries in Ireland. In our 21 years of experience, we have supplied effective cyber security solutions to healthcare institutions including public and private hospitals. Our software and solutions ensure patient data is secure at all times, and communications, both internal and external are fully encrypted.

This also goes for other key sectors that involve highly sensitive and confidential data such as banking. Secure file transfer and secure email solutions give peace of mind for financial institutions and their customers, which Wizuda have provided for 21 years. We also work across the public sector in Ireland and have numerous clients in the legal sector.

Visit one of our dedicated industry pages below to see how Wizuda can secure your business specifically.

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