Automated File Transfer

Automated File Transfer is essential for every organisation in terms of security, compliance and making sure the files are delivered on time. The number of file transfers that need to take place as part of core business operations is significant, spanning up to thousands per day for some companies.

Typical file transfer issues

  • Customers knowing of file transfer issues before you do
  • Missed SLAs
  • Data Loss
  • Inefficient use of resource costs spent identifying and fixing issues
  • Manual errors, often resulting in data breaches
  • No centralised visibility
automated file transfer

Automated file transfer software is crucial in terms of operational efficiency, sustainability as well as protection against cyber-security threats and the ability to demonstrate GDPR compliant transfers.

Wizuda MFT

 The IT Manager’s #1 choice for File Transfer Automation Software

  • Unique ‘Health Check’ automatically alerts you of file transfer issues
    so you can proactively manage them before they impact the business
  • Guaranteed file delivery ensuring you meet all SLAs
  • One centralised platform giving you real-time visibility of your organisation’s
    file transfers
  • Full end-to-end accountability making it easy to pass cyber-security and
    GDPR compliance audits

Automated File Transfer for increased Cyber Security

Did you know that in the event of a cyber-attack, one of the first places auditors investigate are ad hoc scripted transfers as they pose significant areas of weakness. FTP servers are also particularly vulnerable to compromise. Such transfers are often set up without any change control in place, passwords are often written in plain text and the appropriate security isn’t applied.

Wizuda MFT’s structured architecture ensures that automated file transfers are achieved in a consistent manner, without the need for scripting or programming – thereby allowing legacy scripts and insecure batch processes to be safely decommissioned. With Wizuda MFT, automated checks are in place to block malicious content from being transferred, and data is secured and encrypted at rest and in transit, therefore protecting it at all times in the transfer journey.

automated file transfer

Demonstrate your Automated File Transfers are GDPR Compliant

Wizuda MFT is built with privacy by design and makes it easy to demonstrate your transfers are compliant.

Under the GDPR, you need to be able to show what transfers you have in place.  Wizuda MFT automatically does this for you in several formats: geographic maps, network diagrams and reports.

All data is automatically encrypted at rest and in transit and includes an extensive range of secure transfer protocols to choose from.

This ensures transfers must meet the security set out in the requirements of the DPIA in order to go live.

The Wizuda anonymisation module allows you to anonymise, pseudonymise or exclude data automatically as part of the file transfer process. 

There is an option to include an authorisation workflow as part of your transfer process, making sure that no transfers can take place without at least one approval.

Every action that takes place in the Wizuda software is audited.  With our granular permission levels and change control you can have reports in minutes to show what transfers were setup or edited and by whom with links to DPIAs if required.

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