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Automated File Transfer

Data is at the heart of every organisation and the movement of that data in terms of security, compliance and making sure it gets delivered on time is key. The number of file transfers that need to take place as part of core business operations is significant, spanning up to thousands per day for some companies.

Typical file transfer issues

  • Customers knowing of file transfer issues before you do
  • Missed SLAs
  • Data Loss
  • Inefficient use of resource costs spent identifying and fixing issues
  • Manual errors, often resulting in data breaches
  • No centralised visibility

Automation through a centralised managed file transfer platform is crucial in terms of operational efficiency, sustainability as well as protection against cyber-security threats and the ability to demonstrate GDPR compliant transfers.

Wizuda MFT

Giving you full confidence over your organisations file transfer operations.

  • Unique ‘Health Check’ automatically alerts you of file transfer issues so you can proactively manage them before they impact the business
  • Guaranteed file delivery ensuring you meet all SLAs
  • One centralised platform giving you real-time visibility of your organisation’s file transfers
  • Full end-to-end accountability making it easy to pass cyber-security and GDPR compliance audits

MFT White Paper

MFT Data Sheet