Board of Multinational Medical Device Company Chooses Wizuda VDR

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Medical Device Industry

The board of a multinational medical device organisation required a secure, cloud-based solution which facilitated virtual board member collaboration on key documents in preparation for monthly board meetings. The documentation was regularly of a highly commercially sensitive nature, largely relating to ongoing clinical trials, and as such demanded a secure and encrypted platform which could be implemented without the engagement of internal IT resources.

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  • Geographically dispersed stakeholders
  • Highly commercially sensitive documentation
  • No internal IT involvement
  • Multiple stakeholders required to collaborate on single documents

The board initially decided to utilise Wizuda VDR as their solution of choice primarily due to the ease and speed of set up. With ten board members located across three continents, Wizuda’s onboarding team rapidly ensured all members had the necessary training to access and utilise the platform from their own laptops with minimal effort or disruption.

Wizuda’s security features including third-party validated application and datacenter controls from SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits delivered the assurance the board needed to collaborate on highly confidential matters.

Also, key to the board’s decision to utilise Wizuda was the ease at which members could upload and download files as required as the platform imposes no file size limitation on users. In addition, members enjoyed the ability to send secure and encrypted messages to each other within the VDR space thereby replacing insecure email communication.

As new members were elected onto the board and outgoing members retired, Wizuda easily facilitated the addition and removal of users while also allowing for different types of users to be assigned varying permission levels based on the types of documents, they required access to.

Speaking about their adoption of Wizuda VDR, the Chairman of the board states, “Wizuda has revolutionized how we distribute and collaborate on documents among board members. The ability to audit all user activity within the VDR provides great peace of mind and ensures we have control over the highly sensitive data stored in the VDR.”

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