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wizuda secure file sharing and email security

DPN Software is the author of the Isle of Man’s premier payroll system, Paymaster Manx which caters for every conceivable payroll need in a user-friendly manner and incorporates all legislative changes as and when required.

The Challenge

As a provider of payroll and HR software solutions, DPN Software were faced with the difficulty of dealing with thousands of customers and clients personally identifiable data in a secure manner under the GDPR. This was a difficult challenge as the data in question is highly sensitive, meaning the most stringent measures must be in place to ensure there is no data breach. Mark Broderick, Managing Director at DPN Software commented, “The introduction of the GDPR was a real worry for us as the type of data we transfer and store on a daily basis is highly sensitive, personally identifiable data containing details about customers wages, addresses, and bank details. We knew we needed to act fast on this and make sure we got organisation wide secure and stringent data transfer processes in place in advance of the GDPR.”

Not only did DPN Software know they had to implement a compliant file share software in their organisation, but they needed a secure system that they could transfer and share large file sizes both internally amongst employees and externally with clients. Huge amounts of data in large files were being shared through email and WeTransfer prior to the implementation of Wizuda. Mark added, “The way we were handling data prior to implementing Wizuda was by sharing and transferring our files over email and other file sharing methods like WeTransfer. Some files contained large amounts of data and could not be sent through these methods as one file, which was both time consuming and frustrating.”


The Solution

The Wizuda solution provides DPN Software with a secure way to share personally and commercially sensitive data both within their organisation and externally with their clients, and proves that they are taking data protection seriously, “We believe that being able to show all of our clients that we take the security and confidentiality of their data extremely seriously is absolutely vital for us in building long term relationships with our customers. With the Government being very clear about its commitment to strengthening Manx data protection law to reflect the upcoming GDPR, it’s vital for ourselves and businesses across the island to be able to clearly prove compliance,” said Mark.The Wizuda solution removes the restriction of file size limitations for DPN. They can now send files of any size internally and externally, making their day-to-day data processes compliant but also much more efficient. “Unlike standard email, Wizuda has enabled our company to send and receive unlimited sized files to internal and external parties. This enables us to use one central file sharing solution and avoid using alternative methods such as USB, Dropbox or WeTransfer, which has saved us time and money.”

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