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A telecoms company in the Middle East had a requirement for a robust ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution that uses leading edge technologies and could support their 5G network. Wizuda was selected as it met all their requirements. 

This case study highlights some of the key deliverables of the Wizuda ETL platform that facilitated the seamless transfer of batch data to real-time streaming from a variety of data sources, including big data platforms. 

The platform was deployed in a multi-data center setup, offering the flexibility of both Active-Active and Active- Passive configurations. The mediation platform efficiently collects data from diverse sources, normalizes and processes it in real-time, and provides valuable reporting and analytics capabilities. Additionally, it demonstrates its ability to integrate with existing systems, ensuring a unified view of customer activity whilst prioritizing security, scalability, and futureproofing with the inclusion of support for emerging technologies. 

wizuda etl

Key Project Deliverables: 

  • Data collection – Wizuda collects data from various sources, including network elements, third-party systems, streaming and other data sources. It effortlessly connects to different data sources and APIs, enabling comprehensive data collection and integration. 


  • Normalization of data into a common format, regardless of the source. This ensures a standardized data model, enabling seamless data processing, data quality checks, and data enrichment processes. 


  • Scalability – the Wizuda platform demonstrates exceptional scalability, efficiently handling large volumes of data and accommodating the Telco provider’s growing business needs. Its scalability allows for uninterrupted data processing and ensures smooth operations during periods of high data volumes.


  • Real-time data processing is a key requirement for the Telco provider, particularly for applications that necessitate real-time rating and charging. Wizuda acts as the centralized Kafka broker and efficiently processes over one hundred million transactions per day in real-time. 


  • Data aggregation & correlation – Wizuda’s capability to aggregate data from different sources and correlate it, whether it is CDR aggregation or complex aggregation to provide a unified view of customer activity. This aggregation and correlation facilitate comprehensive customer analysis and enables the Telco provider to gain valuable insights into customer behaviors. 


  • Integrations – Seamless integration with existing billing, CRM, and OSS/BSS systems is a crucial requirement for the Wizuda platform. By integrating with these systems, our platform provides a unified view of customer activity, eliminating manual intervention and ensuring a streamlined operational workflow. 


  • Data security & privacy – built with security and privacy by design, Wizuda incorporates robust security measures. It implements role-based access control, securing data and preventing unauthorised access. This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and instils customer confidence in the Telco provider’s services. 


  • Automation of dataflows, billing and rating processes is seamlessly achieved through the Wizuda platforms’ workflow automation capabilities. It significantly reduces manual intervention, automated exception handling, error detection, streamlining operations, and improving overall efficiency. 


  • APIs – Wizuda APIs make it easier for the Telco provider to integrate with other systems and third-party applications. The availability of well-documented APIs ensured smooth connectivity and seamless data exchange. 


  • Transfer Protocols – by supporting extensive, multiple protocols, Wizuda allows different systems to communicate using their preferred protocols. This flexibility eliminates protocol-related barriers and ensures smooth data exchange among various components of the Telco provider’s infrastructure. 


  • Content-based routing capabilities facilitates the Wizuda platform’s ability to route messages to different systems based on the type of data being transmitted, e.g., Pre-paid and Post-paid CDRs 


  • Provisioning – real-time provisioning and activation capabilities empowers the Telco provider to deliver services to customers instantly, particularly in the areas of SIM provisioning and Customer Voucher management. This reduces time-to-market for new offerings and improves customer satisfaction. 


  • Service virtualization – virtualized versions of SFTP servers and API endpoints are easily created which allows other systems to access and consume these virtualized services without the need for a physical connection or direct access to the underlying application. This decoupling improves flexibility and eases integration efforts. 


  • Active/Active & Active/Passive – our flexible deployment model allows for an Active-Active architecture, which enables high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. In the event of a disaster, the system seamlessly switches to alternate data centers, minimizing downtime and guaranteeing uninterrupted services for the Telco provider’s customers. 


With Wizuda, all the data transfer and mediation requirements were achieved for this 5G network and mobile operator. Furthermore, Wizuda’s flexibility continues to play a key role in them being able to offer competitive products and services to the marketplace.  


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