IMS Marketing implements Wizuda VDRs for Remote Working Plan

Wizuda VDR enabling remote working

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As a marketing and design agency, the team in IMS spend much of their working days in meeting rooms collaborating with colleagues and clients on strategy documents, design concepts and research presentations. The rapid escalation of measures to reduce the spread of Covid 19 demanded that like many businesses, their entire workforce work from home. Concerned that the company’s existing shared document storage server could not facilitate the advanced level of collaboration features the team would require for such a transition, IMS made the decision to implement Wizuda VDRs.


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  • Fast implementation required with limited advance warning
  • All team members and clients required different permission levels
  • Entire team required remote training
  • Essential that IMS client companies experienced no reduction in service or response times as a result of move to work from home
  • Ability for IMS team members to include clients in online collaboration activities




The ability of the Wizuda onboarding team to quickly implement and train all members of the IMS Marketing team was a key factor in the company’s decision to implement Wizuda VDRs. The platform’s intuitive and easy to use interface resulted in rapid adoption of the VDR for all new and ongoing projects. This seamless transition, despite the wider Covid 19 crisis ensured no disruption to client projects and in many cases improved how the team virtually collaborated with clients and each other on projects. In addition, both employees and clients enjoyed the ability to send secure and encrypted messages to each other within the VDR space thereby replacing insecure email communication.

As a marketing and design agency, IMS share hundreds of large artwork and video files with clients every week. The “no file size limitation” feature enabled the team to upload and download all types and sizes of files with ease. Furthermore, as many of IMS Marketing clients work with them on commercially sensitive new product development projects, Wizuda’s security and compliance features which include encryption by default and safeguards against the common data breaches, delivers assurance to clients that their data is protected .

On an administrative level, Wizuda VDRs enables IMS to quickly assign varying levels of permissions to different users and groups. Access to documents can be revoked easily at a user level as and when required. The VDRs also facilitate administrative users to audit and report on user activity within the VDR and includes the options to lock down access to specific domains, geographic locations or IPs.

Speaking about their adoption of Wizuda VDR, Leonie Tansey, Head of Client Services stated, “As we adjust our business practices to become more accustomed to working remotely, Wizuda VDRs have been key to our ability to deliver the same high level of customer service, collaboration and creativity our clients expect. The Wizuda team ensured we were quickly brought up to speed and were on hand to help at every juncture. I would highly recommend Wizuda VDRs to all teams who need a secure place to collaborate online.”

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