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A large telecommunications company decided to roll out a digital transformation programme across their organisation.  This meant undertaking a complete review of all technologies from CRM systems to Data Warehouse solutions, streamlining processes and consolidating vendors wherever it made sense to.  New and improved business processes and commercial offerings would come from such changes.

The IT challenge however, was ensuring that all transfers between such systems and platforms would be delivered on time and run smoothly on a consistent basis.  In the telecoms industry there are many near to real time transfer requirements, and service levels need to be adhered to or fraud liability doesn’t get handed over from one Telco to another, whilst in other areas financial penalties kick in.  This was their chance to look for a centralised file transfer platform that could give them visibility and control of their file transfer activities, and to do so in a secure and GDPR compliant way.





Wizuda MFT gave them a centralised view of all their file transfer activities and a network overview of the data flows.  IT now had instantly available reporting and could provide geographic maps and network overviews to senior management of all file transfer activities in the organisation.  These could also be categorised in ways that made sense for the business from a priorities perspective.

Wizuda’s unique ‘Health Check’ dashboard with automated monitoring and alerts, allowed them to manage all transfer operations proactively and ensured they were always on top of any issues.

From a GDPR compliance perspective, transfers could be linked to Data Protection Impact Assessments were required and data could be anonymised as part of the transfer process.  Wizuda MFT enabled them to apply the latest security protocols for file transfers and encrypt data at rest and in transit.  Passing cyber-security and GDPR compliance audits became a lot easier.

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