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A large international telecommunications provider needed a solution for managing their enterprise wide file transfer processes.  Like many large organisations, the client’s previous data transfer processes relied on a mismatch of several insecure solutions including legacy scripts and bespoke systems.  This resulted in them having no central visibility, security or governance controls in place and put the business at risk of missing SLAs, receiving financial penalties and impacting critical business operations that rely on these transfers to take place.

At this point, several penalties had already been issued due to contract breaches for undelivered files.  IT were spending too much time trying to locate and fix issues.  It wasn’t untypical for them to first hear of transfer issues from the recipient who hadn’t received the expected number of files.  This resulted in customers being unhappy on many occasions and accounts being at risk.

As a starting point, the client migrated all business-critical data transfers they were aware of onto the Wizuda MFT centralised platform as this ensured they would be managed securely and compliantly with guaranteed delivery and automated monitoring.  Wizuda’s unique ‘Health Check’ and automated alerts meant they could proactively resolve issues avoiding a commercial or operational impact.  Subsequently as the client became aware of other legacy transfers, they would decide to either fully decommission them or migrate them to Wizuda.

Wizuda MFT provided the client with the visibility, control and full end to end accountability that their file transfer operations needed.  Moving to a centralised platform and being able to manage file transfers efficiently and in an automated way, enabled IT to focus on other high priority projects.

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