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Compliant Data Transfer

Discover some of the features that make our data transfer solution essential in your journey to achieving and maintaining GDPR data transfer compliance.

Why Wizuda CDT?

Wizuda file transfer issues

To proactively identify file transfer issues before they impact the business.

Wizuda cyber security threats

Reduce exposure to cyber-attack by replacing insecure ad hoc scripted batch processes and bespoke tools with one centralised solution.

Wizuda real time maps

To get real-time maps of your organisation’s data transfers and demonstrate compliant processes.

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of organisations today, spanning the majority of industry sectors. With the significant increase in cyber security threats and data breaches, businesses need the right technical solutions more than ever enabling them to regain visibility and control over their data, where it is stored, where it goes and who has access to it. The Wizuda CDT solution is designed with security and privacy at its core.

Each business will have its own specific reasons for choosing a secure file sharing solution. However, many of the business problems underpinning the business case for a solution are common across all sectors. Click on our video, or see below for some examples and how the Wizuda CDT solution addresses them.

Proactively identify issues before they impact the business.

“Significant time is spent troubleshooting file transfer issues reactively after they occur. This is a cost to our business and impacts negatively on our operations – often resulting in missed SLAs.”

Locate and Fix Issues Quickly:
Without the right tools, missing data can remain undetected until it causes significant issues to the business. Wizuda’s rule-based alerts automatically inform subscribed users of alarm & error conditions as they arise. The Health Check dashboard displays the near to real time health of data sources and targets, while other operational dashboards give summary & drilldown views of data distribution in near to real-time.

  • Scheduled checks monitor host connectivity, authentication, folder and transfer statuses, alerting users of any system or delivery threshold issues.
  • Alerts are issued to users in real-time when systems are offline or delivery thresholds are broken.

Reduce exposure to cyber-attack and single points of failure.

“Many of our transfers run off ad hoc scripted batch processing, increasing our exposure to cyber-attacks and exposing us to single points of failure when there’s a change in personnel.”

In the event of a cyber-attack, one of the first places auditors investigate are ad hoc scripts as they pose significant areas of weakness. By their very nature, they typically fail to provide any central visibility, audit trail or change control, passwords are usually stored in plain text and they are often a single point of failure as they are frequently scripted and managed by one individual.
Replace reliance on ad hoc scripted batch processes and bespoke tools:
Wizuda CDT is a unified, configurable, fully auditable system, enabling the centralised setup and control of both new and existing file transfers. Wizuda’s CDT structured architecture ensures that data transfers are achieved in a consistent manner, without the need for scripting or programming – thereby allowing legacy scripts and insecure batch processes to be safely decommissioned.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of all transfers through one centralised platform.
  • Full audit trails, change controls and granular permission levels.
  • Secure and encrypt data at rest and in transit.
  • Guaranteed transfer delivery is achieved through the MFT transaction based and fault tolerant data delivery engine with auto resume and recovery.
  • High availability & automatic load balancing.

Increase control and visibility of all transfers and demonstrate compliant processes.

“Our IT department is regularly tasked with providing reports on file transfers for audits and management meetings. We need an instantly available real-time view, and reporting capability of all transfers.”

Wizuda CDT administration is performed through a user-friendly web-app where setup wizards guide administrators through the configuration of data sources, data targets and their associated data distribution jobs. All operations, both user and system generated, are fully audited and logged within the Wizuda CDT system.

  • Maps and diagrams provide an automatic real-time view of all your organisation’s data transfers, and provide drill through capability to view transfer configuration details, thus making it easier to regain and retain full visibility and control of your data transfers.
  • Wizuda provides a full range of reports, and facilitates subscriptions for scheduling automated report delivery via email.
  • Ad hoc reports and KPI’s can easily be created using Office style tools.
  • Full audit trail.

Reduce overheads by moving to one centralised secure scalable platform.

“Our IT department is burdened with managing multiple servers and platforms for transferring data. They need a more secure and robust solution that is scalable.”

One hub for the control, authorisation & transfer of all internal and external data flows.

  • Securely transfer, minimise and encrypt data in one solution.
  • Fully self-contained – no need to install external separate SW agents at endpoints.
  • Zoning provides an additional layer of security at the location levels.
  • Fully automated alerts & alarms.
  • Health check dashboard displays near to real-time health of all configured data flows.
  • Proven enterprise level scalability.

Enabling IT to demonstrate compliant data transfer processes.

“Our business is undergoing its GDPR compliance programme. IT need to provide a list of all transfers, proof that they’re secure, that data is encrypted and minimised, and that high-risk transfers have been authorised by the assigned personnel.”

Proof Based Compliance at the Core: A solution uniquely designed to help you ensure all data flows are transferred securely and compliantly.

  • Built in, customisable Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit.
  • Extensive permissions and full audit trail deliver visibility and assurance of all activities.
  • Full authorisation workflow prevents unauthorised transfers.
  • Minimise data using anonymisation, pseudonymisation or removal techniques automatically as part of the transfer process to reduce risk of personal data leakage.
  • Compliance reporting made easy with quick access to the evidence necessary to back up all data transfers.
Wizuda circle of compliance

Wizuda CDT Product Highlights

The Wizuda Compliant Data Transfer solution enables you to truly secure and manage the movement of critical data within your organisation and with external parties from one centralised solution. Guaranteed file delivery, full audit trails, automated health checking, and instant reporting on all transfer activities; Wizuda’s fully scalable CDT solution enables you to increase operational efficiencies and regain full control of your organisation’s file transfers.

Built with Privacy by Design, it provides a centralised hub with the compliance elements needed for the management of all organisational data transfers in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

Core Features

Secure Automated Transfers

  • Secure and encrypt data at rest and in transit.
  • Automate transfers to ensure Service Level Agreements are met.

Guaranteed Delivery

  • Wizuda’s transaction based and fault tolerant data delivery engine with auto resume and recovery guarantees transfer delivery.
  • Alarms and reporting provide real time visibility of all transfers.

Maps & Diagrams

  • Maps and diagrams enable you to regain and retain full real-time visibility and control of data transfers.
  • Categorise data transfers by legal basis and/or region, and drill through to quickly see all evidence based reporting.

Health Checks, Monitoring & Alerts

  • Scheduled checks monitor host connectivity, authentication, folder and transfer statuses alerting users of any system or delivery threshold issues.
  • Alerts are issued to users in real time when systems are offline or delivery thresholds are broken.

High Availability & Load Balancing

  • Loads are automatically split between multiple data processing servers, and additional servers can easily be added through the user-friendly application interface.
  • In the event of an outage, jobs are automatically re-allocated to other available servers.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Wizuda provides a full range of reports and facilitates subscriptions for scheduling automated report delivery via email.
  • Ad hoc reports and KPI’s can easily be created using Office style tools.

Compliance Features

Impact Assessments

  • Wizuda’s impact assessment storage and management gives the benefits of versioning, full audit trails and authorisation workflows.
  • Linking impact assessment requirements to data transfer configurations ensures company policies and standards are adhered to.

Data Minimisation

  • Quickly and easily remove personally identifiable information (PII) without having to use separate data transformation tools.
  • Multiple methods of data minimisation including anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques can be applied to a file and set to automatically run as part of the transfer job.
  • The user-friendly online preview enables users to see the changes applied to their sample data so they can ensure they are happy with them prior to confirming.

Governance Controls

  • Fully configurable authorisation flows ensure all host connectors, data flows, impact assessments and data minimisation jobs are only activated once the correct authorisations are received.
  • Extensive permissions and audit trails deliver visibility and assurance of all transfer activities.

Compliance Reporting

  • Wizuda’s evidence based reporting directly links compliance reporting to the reality of data transfer operations while also satisfying the GDPR requirement to provide proof of compliant data transfer activity within the required timeframes.

Implementation & Training

  • Quick implementation times on standard or virtualised hardware.
  • Your choice of hosting options.
  • Browser based client requires no software installation on user PCs.
  • Centralised hub architecture requires no agents to be installed on data transfer hosts.
  • Supports latest encryption and security standards while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy systems.
  • Training and online documentation provided.

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