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Compliant File Share

Easy and secure file sharing for your business, straight from your Outlook email or secure web portal.

Why Wizuda CFS?

Wizuda file sharing

A more efficient and secure way of sharing data which will clearly show your customers how seriously you take GDPR compliance.

CFS workflow controls

To put more controls and workflow approvals in place to proactively mitigate risks of a data breach.

CFS robust reporting

Robust reporting that can easily pass a data protection audit around file sharing/data transfer activities.

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of organisations today, spanning the majority of industry sectors. With the significant increase in cyber security threats and data breaches, businesses need the right technical solutions more than ever enabling them to regain visibility and control over their data, where it is stored, where it goes and who has access to it. The Wizuda CFS solution is designed with security and privacy at its core and undergoes penetration testing with BSI for each product version release.

Each business will have its own specific reasons for choosing a secure file sharing solution. However, many of the business problems underpinning the business case for a solution are common across all sectors. Click on our video, or see below for some examples and how the Wizuda CFS solution addresses them.

Avoid the most common data breach

“Human error is unavoidable, but we need to try and mitigate the risk of people sending personal data to the incorrect recipients.”

One of the common breaches reported by the national data protection commissioners is where people have mistakenly sent data to the incorrect recipients. While this is very difficult to prevent, the Wizuda CFS solution has several safeguards that help to mitigate this:

  • Impact Assessment tick boxes and Authorisation Flows
  • Intelligent Recipient Lookups
  • Data Minimisation
  • Retraction Capabilities

Control where your data resides

“Tools such as WeTransfer and Dropbox are commonly used for transferring personal data, but we have no control or visibility over where that data resides – which is now a serious issue under GDPR.”

The Wizuda CFS solution provides a central platform that can be hosted on-premise, and the data is therefore stored on your internal network. There is also the ability to host on private cloud, including Microsoft Azure, and you can specify that the data is stored in Europe North for example, where the data centre resides in Dublin. Wizuda also offer a hosted solution in their Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

Reduce the risk of ransomware attacks

“We need a way to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks”

Your clients and partners can safely upload files to a secure online portal easily and at no cost to themselves. You can control who sends you data and what type of files you wish to receive; e.g. not allowing .exe files thereby reducing your risk of receiving ransomware.

Manage data storage costs

“Overloaded mailboxes and congested servers are increasing our data storage costs.”

Data retention schedules are easily implemented by admins and authorised users. Data is then automatically culled once it reaches the specified timeframes, thus eliminating any superfluous data storage costs and ensuring data is retained in line with your company’s overarching data storage retention policy.

Send large file sizes

“Deadlines are being missed due to the inability to send large files via email.”

Unlike email, Wizuda CFS has no file size restrictions by default, so users can send and receive any sized files internally and externally. Extensive control options allow authorised users to define file size restrictions as required.

Regain full visibility over your file sharing operations

“Admins have to spend significant time investigating file sharing operations, and have no central visibility or reporting platform from which to do this.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution is built with compliance by design, which at the core translates to being able to demonstrate proof of compliance. Evidence based reporting provides instant visibility over all file sharing operations, including when files were sent, by whom, the sensitivity level, authorisation flows, retention periods, location data was accessed from, and when the recipients read or downloaded the files. The latter is particularly important for time sensitive delivery of documents, and especially for compliance reporting.

Compliant File Share Capabilities

Wizuda’s Compliant File Share (CFS) solution provides a secure way for users to share personally or commercially sensitive data, both within their organisation and externally with third parties. CFS replaces sending such data over email, which is inherently insecure, and removes the need to transfer large files using methods such as USB, WeTransfer and Dropbox. The Wizuda CFS solution offers secure file sharing straight from your Outlook email or secure web portal, plus the addition of features specifically designed to meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

Core Features

Large File Size

  • Unlike standard email, Wizuda users can send and receive unlimited sized files to internal and external parties.

Unlimited External Users

  • Encourage your customers to share files compliantly through Wizuda CFS without incurring any additional cost. There is no limitation on the number of external users.

Intuitive Easy to Use Interface

  • Wizuda’s intuitive user-friendly messaging interface requires no specialist user training. If you can send an email, you will be able to use Wizuda Compliant File Share.

Encrypted Messaging

  • All messages are automatically encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Scheduling options allow messages to be sent at a future date and time of your choosing.

Custom Branding Options

  • The Wizuda platform can be fully reskinned to reflect an organisation’s corporate branding, enabling Wizuda users to demonstrate their organisation’s compliance credentials to clients and partners.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

  • The Microsoft Outlook plugin option creates efficiencies in letting you send messages, and upload files through Wizuda CFS without having to login through the portal.
  • Admin options can be set to enforce messages and attachments of a particular criteria, to automatically get routed via Wizuda CFS, even when the Outlook send button is selected by the end user.

File View Only Options

  • Choose whether to restrict access to view only, apply customisable watermarks, or give full download capability.

Inbound Security Controls

  • Options to control who you receive data from, what file types, and what file size limitations you wish to set.

Outbound Security Controls

  • Specific domains can be whitelisted or blacklisted to further control where users can send data to.

Your choice of Hosting Solution

  • Wizuda Compliant File Share can be adapted to suit several preferred hosting models, i.e. on premise, private cloud, or public cloud.

Compliance Features

Authorisation Flows

  • Wizuda Compliant File Share facilitates the creation of authorisation flows according to an organisation’s specific requirements.
  • Simple customisable impact assessment tick boxes give users the ability to request extra approvals based on the determined risk level.
  • Authorisation flows can be set at an organisational or departmental level to maximise efficiency.

Data Minimisation

  • Quickly and easily remove personally identifiable information (PII) without having to use separate data transformation tools.
  • Multiple methods of anonymisation and pseudonymisation include blanking, hashing, replacement lookups, number randomisation, and masking.
  • The user-friendly online preview enables users to see the changes applied to their sample data, so they can ensure they are happy with them prior to saving.

Easily Implementable
Data Retention Policies

  • Apply data retention schedules so that data is automatically culled as per your requirements; these can be set at an overall system level, department level, and by the user on a per message level within the confines of the company’s overarching data retention policy, in line with the GDPR requirements.

Intelligent Recipient Lookups

  • To help prevent the common data breach of sending personal data to the incorrect recipients, this feature is designed to alert the user prior to sending if the combination of file and recipient is not typical based on their usage.

Retraction Capabilities

  • Ability to instantly retract a message and have immediate visibility over who has viewed and/or downloaded the file before the retraction.

Geolocation Auditing Options

  • For additional security, Wizuda Compliant File Share provides users with the option to select from a list of safe countries within which your data can be downloaded.

Complete Audit Trail & Evidence Based Compliance Reporting

  • Wizuda’s full audit trail availability simplifies data protection audits, and satisfies the GDPR’s requirement to demonstrate proof of compliant file sharing.
  • Evidence based reporting provides instant visibility over all file sharing operations, including when files were sent, by whom, the sensitivity level, authorisations, retention periods, location data was accessed from, and when the recipients read or downloaded the files. The latter is particularly important for time sensitive delivery of documents, and especially for compliance reporting.


  • Wizuda’s Compliant File Share solution can be implemented quickly and flexibly, enabling organisations to embed GDPR compliant file sharing practices in advance of the upcoming GDPR.

Who we work with

Wizuda work with businesses across all industry sectors.  Below are some industry specific examples.







The StubbsGazette Case Study

Working with a range of clients from local SME’s to major multinationals since 2008, StubbsGazette is a market leader in business information, credit referencing, compliance, debt recovery and associated software solutions in Ireland.

As part of their overall GDPR compliance programme, sourcing the right solution for their file sharing activities was key, due to the highly sensitive nature of the information they work with. James Treacy, Managing Director of StubbsGazette explains: “We felt there was a big need to introduce a GDPR Compliant File Share solution in StubbsGazette. We carry out a number of extremely important and sensitive processes on behalf of our customers, including screening for anti-money laundering purposes, politically exposed people checking, credit checking, and debt collection. This requires a lot of highly sensitive information to be shared internally and externally so it was of utmost importance for us to have a compliant file share system in place.”

As well as this, some of StubbsGazette’s clients were struggling to understand how to use the current system they had in place and it was causing issues with integration. Mort O’Sullivan, CTO of StubbsGazette said: “Before we implemented Wizuda’s CFS solution we had our own SFTP server where we had to create encryption keys for our clients and pass them on with a guide on how to use these. We found a lot of our clients were calling us with issues regarding permissions for installation of an SFTP client, and also found that some clients weren’t familiar with what an encryption key was and how to implement it. With this system, we had no real audit trail outlining what happens with each file.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution was the perfect solution for StubbsGazette, providing them with a highly secure, easy-to-use, and GDPR compliant file sharing platform. StubbsGazette can now share files internally and externally and interactions with clients has become much simpler.

“Our company has benefited from implementing Wizuda’s CFS solution by giving us great comfort in knowing that all the data we are sending to our customers, suppliers, and third parties is being treated securely and is only available to the people that require it. Wizuda’s CFS solution really helps us demonstrate to our customers that our file sharing systems are secure with auditing and reporting features and it enables us to prove we are handling their data compliantly under the GDPR,” said James Treacy.

“With Wizuda’s CFS solution, the audit trail provides us with full visibility of what was transferred, who it was transferred by, how many times a file was downloaded, auto deletion of files after a certain period, and all of this is configurable per individual client.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution has also led to an increase in business at StubbsGazette: “Wizuda’s CFS has enabled us to demonstrate to our customers that our data transfer systems were very secure and there was an auditing and reporting system in place, so our customers could see how we treat their data. Not only has this increased trust among our customers, it has also increased business from them as a result”, explains James.

James Treacy added “Implementing Wizuda’s CFS solution has been a key part of our overall GDPR compliance programme, and we have been actively recommending Wizuda’s CFS to our clients in helping them prepare for GDPR.”

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