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What is Wizuda CFS?

Wizuda CFS enables your organisation to;

  • Share sensitive data via the Wizuda online portal or the Outlook plugin
  • Send files of any size
  • Send encrypted messages/email by default
  • Give your clients  an easy and secure way to share data with you
  • Avoid the most common data breaches e.g. sending data to the wrong person or forgetting to BCC
  • Retract emails and files
  • Implement GDPR compliant email and file sharing processes
  • Pass GDPR compliant audits easily

Gain Control and Visibility over Ad Hoc File Sharing​​

The danger of convenient file sharing tools like WeTransfer, Dropbox and USBs is a significant lack of governance over what  commercially or personally sensitive data is being shared, with whom, and for what purpose. The Wizuda CFS platform provides full visibility of all file sharing activities and has no file size limitations, so employees have no reason to look for alternative transfer methods. Wizuda CFS gives IT the tools they need to manage email and file sharing operations efficiently, securely and compliantly.

Email Encryption by Default

Wizuda CFS is built with ‘Privacy by Design’ and includes full end-to-end encryption of all emails and file shares. Users can send emails and files via the secure online portal or via the Microsoft Outlook Plugin for further ease of use. Compliance doesn’t have to compromise efficiency!

Prevent Data Breaches

The most common data breaches reported in Ireland and the UK are due to human error e.g. sending data to the wrong people, and forgetting to BCC. Wizuda has built-in safeguards to protect against such incidents including recipient verification, intelligent recipient lookups, retraction capabilities and BCC by default. Built with ‘Privacy by Design’, Wizuda makes achieving compliance that bit easier.

Reduce Risk of Cyber Attack

Wizuda CFS gives your clients and partners a secure and easy way to upload data to you whilst giving you control over who you receive data from and in what format e.g. not allowing .exe files thereby reducing your risk of receiving ransomware.

Wizuda CFS Product Highlights

Core Features
Send Large Files – No File Size Limitations
Microsoft Outlook Plugin
Secure Web Portal
File View and/or Download Options
Customisable Watermarking
Control Who Sends you Data
Control Which File Types you Receive
Custom Branding Options
Unlimited Number of Recipients/External Users
Hosting Options
Compliance Features
Email Encryption by Default
Recipient Verification
BCC by Default
Retraction Capabilities
Authorisation Flows
Data Anonymisation Module
Data Retention Scheduling
Geolocation Access Controls
Domain Whitelists and Blacklists
Full Audit and Compliance Reporting

Wizuda CFS Case Studies

CFS White Paper

CFS Data Sheet

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