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CFS Core Features

A solution to secure and protect your file and message shares

  • Large File Sizes – Unlike standard email, Wizuda users can send and receive unlimited sized files to internal and external
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use – Wizuda’s intuitive user-friendly messaging interface requires no specialist user training. If you can send an email, you will be able to use Wizuda Compliant File
  • Encrypted Messaging – All messages are automatically encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Custom Branding Options – The Wizuda platform can be fully reskinned to reflect an organisation’s corporate branding, enabling Wizuda users to demonstrate their organisation’s compliance credentials to clients and partners.
  • Microsoft Outlook Plugin – The Microsoft Outlook plugin option creates efficiencies in letting you send messages and upload files through Wizuda CFS without having to login through the portal
  • File View Only Options – Choose whether to restrict access to view only, apply customisable watermarks or give full download capability.
  • Inbound Security Controls – Options to control who you receive data from, what file types, and file size limitations you wish to receive.

CFS Compliance Features

The CFS solution includes a multitude of features enabling you to share files and messages in compliance with the GDPR

  • Authorisation Flows – Customisable simple impact assessment tick boxes automatically direct messages through for approval based on the determined risk level.  Authorisation flows can be configured at an organisational or departmental level to maximise efficiency.
  • Data Minimisation – Quickly and easily remove personally identifiable information (PII) using a suite of built-in anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques without having to use separate data transformation tools. The user-friendly online preview enables users to see the changes applied to their data before saving.
  • Data Retention Policies – To reduce the likelihood of a breach, users can quickly define the expiry of each individual file share in line with the GDPR requirements.
  • Intelligent Recipient Lookups – To help prevent the common human error of sending data to an incorrect recipient, Wizuda provides users with an intelligent recipient lookup.
  • Retraction Capabilities – Ability to retract a message if it is sent to the incorrect recipients. Instant visibility over who has viewed and/or downloaded the file.
  • Geolocation Auditing Options – For additional security, Wizuda Compliant File Share provides users with the option to select from a list of safe countries within which your data can be downloaded.
  • Complete Audit Trail & Evidence-Based Reporting – Wizuda’s full audit trail availability simplifies data protection audits and satisfies the GDPR’s requirement to demonstrate proof of compliant file sharing.
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Compliant File Share Pricing Options

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Minimum 5 Users Minimum 10 Users For 50+ Employees
General Features
Total Storage 1 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Domain Name
Self Hosting Options
Unlimited Client Users
Custom Branding
Core File Sharing Features
Large Files
Message Encryption
Message Retraction
Outlook Plugin
File View Only Options
Customisable Watermarking
Data Retention Options
Granular Permission Options
Compliance Features
Authorisation Flows
Geolocation Auditing Options
Intelligent Recipient Lookups
Full Audit Reporting
Data Minimisation Module
Customisable Reporting
Full Audit Reporting
Compliance Reporting

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