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Secure Email and File Sharing for your Business

Wizuda CFS is a scalable IT solution for managing, securing and protecting all file sharing operations.

Wizuda CFS enables an organisation to:

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Compliance Features

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you can expect for your Business


Gain control and visibility over ad hoc file sharing

The danger of convenient file sharing tools like WeTransfer, Dropbox and USBs is a significant lack of governance over what commercially or personally sensitive data is being shared, with whom, and for what purpose.

The Wizuda CFS platform provides full visibility of all file sharing activities so you can see who has read and downloaded messages and attachments. With no file size limitations, sharing large files is not an issue, so employees have no reason to look for alternative transfer methods.


Email encryption by default

Wizuda CFS is built with ‘Privacy by Design’ and includes full end-to-end encryption of all emails and file shares. Users can send emails and files via the secure online portal for further ease of use. Compliance doesn’t have to compromise efficiency.


Prevent data breaches

The most common data breaches reported in Ireland and the UK are due to human error e.g. sending data to the wrong people, and forgetting to BCC. Wizuda has built-in safeguards to protect against such incidents, including recipient verification, retraction capabilities, and BCC by default. Built with ‘Privacy by Design’, Wizuda makes achieving compliance that bit easier.


Reduce your risk of cyber attack

Wizuda CFS gives your clients and partners a secure and easy way to upload data to you whilst giving you control over who you receive data from and in what format and prevents malicious content from being uploaded, reducing your risk of cyber attack.


An easy & secure way for clients to upload data to you

Wizuda CFS is built with encryption by default so all mails and attachments are sent encrypted. What does this means for you?


Pass audits more easily

Privacy & Security

by design

Specialists in secure data transfer since 2001, we pride ourselves in developing software solutions that allow organisations to have full control of their file transfer and data sharing operations, enabling them to operate efficiently, securely, and compliantly. As our products are used by many of our customers to underpin their GDPR compliance programme, privacy and security are not just fundamental to all of our products and services, they are both an important and tracked part of the design of everything we do. All Wizuda employees have received training in GDPR compliance and several have IAPP privacy professional certifications.

Our software development and release processes include regular penetration testing using Appcheck, a leading security scanning platform designed and built by UK based CREST and CHECK accredited leading penetration testing experts to deliver against our requirements. Trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, Capita and others, this software and service provides an all-encompassing testing solution enabling us to conduct more regular penetration tests throughout the application life cycle from development to production, with the benefit of rapid remediation and re-testing, giving us peace of mind that our products are secure and data is not compromised. Wizuda is a Microsoft Certified Partner and our senior developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

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