Wizuda DMaaP

Data Movement As A Platform

Wizuda DMaaP moves and processes anyĀ data to and from anywhere and in real time.Ā Whether your business is embarkingĀ on a digital transformation journey orĀ looking to lead the way in digitalisation,Ā Wizuda DMaaP gives you everything youĀ need to do just that.

Wizuda DMaaP

Data has become one of the most important assets to businesses around the globe

How businesses manage and move that data to provide real-time customer experiences and make better business decisions faster, is key to achievingĀ a competitive advantage.

Sustainability can be achieved with cloud and hybrid deployment options, as well as virtualĀ networks that can be scaled up, down or out, in a cost-efficient way.

Wizuda DMaaP has been deployed in leading telcos and businesses to provide just this.

Wizuda DMaaP Features:

Moving away from the traditional

IT departments are often overwhelmed with legacy systems and ad hoc batch scripted processes that used to meet the data transfer needs of their business.

A digital transformation journey can be daunting, however the Wizuda team can help with this and work with your IT department map out the best migration plan starting with the highest priority or most problematic transfers first.

Big Data integrations made easy

Our “Data movement as a Platform” makes Big Data integrations work seamlessly, so your business can get maximum value from your data, on a real time basis. Not only does Wizuda DMaaP enhance your IT platform, but it allows you to harness data insights and make better decisions faster which can ultimately give value back to your customer and transform their experience.

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