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Who we work with

Wizuda works with businesses across all industry sectors.  Below are some industry specific examples.







Who we work with

Wizuda work with businesses across all industry sectors.

Below are some industry specific examples.

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What our clients say

  • "We selected Wizuda’s CFS solution because it offered the most in terms of security and data protection features, especially in terms of alignment with the practices encouraged by the incoming GDPR. Our members need to know that their personal data is in safe hands and that they can trust that we, as an organisation, have taken all reasonable measures to protect it."

    Catherine Byrne General Manager of HSSCU
  • "Wizuda’s CFS has enabled us to demonstrate to our customers that our data transfer systems were very secure and there was an auditing and reporting system in place, so our customers could see how we treat their data. Not only has this increased trust among our customers, it has also increased business from them as a result."

    James Treacy Managing Director of Stubbs Gazette
  • "With the Government being very clear about its commitment to strengthening Manx data protection law to reflect the upcoming GDPR, it’s vital for ourselves and businesses across the island to be able to clearly prove their compliance.  Using Wizuda for our file sharing requirements is a key part of our overall compliance programme.  The implementation was really straightforward and the software is very intuitive, providing us with the security, controls and visibility we need over our data sharing activities."

    Mark Broderick Managing Director of DPN Software
  • "The security and confidentiality of our data is obviously of paramount importance to us all at Pieta House. With the upcoming GDPR, and its emphasis on accountability, it’s also vital that we can show that we have processes and systems in place to clearly show our full commitment to compliance. We found the implementation and roll out of Wizuda a very straightforward project and the central platform for data sharing that it has given us is not only a key part of our overall GDPR compliance programme but has also delivered significant operational efficiencies."

    Cathy Kelly Director of Operations and Development for Pieta House
  • "Wizuda’s CFS solution was implemented quickly and flexibly, and our employees were up and running straight away. The audit trail availability simplifies data protection audits, providing us with an understanding of our own compliance and how we could prove we were sharing files compliantly under the GDPR in the event of a data protection audit. As well as this, no file size limitation adds real value to the running of our business, and indeed to any marketing agency, allowing us to send and receive unlimited sized files to internal and external parties."

    Kevin Moran Managing Director of IMS Marketing
  • "The implementation process was quick and easy, particularly because we chose the hosted model. This removed the need for in-depth IT intervention on our side and meant we were up and running very quickly with minimal disruption to our core business. We would highly recommend Wizuda’s Compliant File Share solution to any financial services organisations who are reviewing their file sharing protocols."

    Fionan Dunne Managing Director of CFO Services
  • "Wizuda’s CFS empowers our organisation to share files compliantly and securely, which is something we wanted to make available to our clients."

    Sarah McChrystal Associate Director of W5

The StubbsGazette Case Study

Working with a range of clients from local SME’s to major multinationals since 2008, StubbsGazette is a market leader in business information, credit referencing, compliance, debt recovery and associated software solutions in Ireland.

As part of their overall GDPR compliance programme, sourcing the right solution for their file sharing activities was key, due to the highly sensitive nature of the information they work with. James Treacy, Managing Director of StubbsGazette explains: “We felt there was a big need to introduce a GDPR Compliant File Share solution in StubbsGazette. We carry out a number of extremely important and sensitive processes on behalf of our customers, including screening for anti-money laundering purposes, politically exposed people checking, credit checking, and debt collection. This requires a lot of highly sensitive information to be shared internally and externally so it was of utmost importance for us to have a compliant file share system in place.”

As well as this, some of StubbsGazette’s clients were struggling to understand how to use the current system they had in place and it was causing issues with integration. Mort O’Sullivan, CTO of StubbsGazette said: “Before we implemented Wizuda’s CFS solution we had our own SFTP server where we had to create encryption keys for our clients and pass them on with a guide on how to use these. We found a lot of our clients were calling us with issues regarding permissions for installation of an SFTP client, and also found that some clients weren’t familiar with what an encryption key was and how to implement it. With this system, we had no real audit trail outlining what happens with each file.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution was the perfect solution for StubbsGazette, providing them with a highly secure, easy-to-use, and GDPR compliant file sharing platform. StubbsGazette can now share files internally and externally and interactions with clients has become much simpler.
“Our company has benefited from implementing Wizuda’s CFS solution by giving us great comfort in knowing that all the data we are sending to our customers, suppliers, and third parties is being treated securely and is only available to the people that require it. Wizuda’s CFS solution really helps us demonstrate to our customers that our file sharing systems are secure with auditing and reporting features and it enables us to prove we are handling their data compliantly under the GDPR,” said James Treacy.

“With Wizuda’s CFS solution, the audit trail provides us with full visibility of what was transferred, who it was transferred by, how many times a file was downloaded, auto deletion of files after a certain period, and all of this is configurable per individual client.”

Wizuda’s CFS solution has also led to an increase in business at StubbsGazette: “Wizuda’s CFS has enabled us to demonstrate to our customers that our data transfer systems were very secure and there was an auditing and reporting system in place, so our customers could see how we treat their data. Not only has this increased trust among our customers, it has also increased business from them as a result”, explains James.

James Treacy added “Implementing Wizuda’s CFS solution has been a key part of our overall GDPR compliance programme, and we have been actively recommending Wizuda’s CFS to our clients in helping them prepare for GDPR.”

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