Wizuda for HealthcareSecure and compliant file sharing

Data in the healthcare sector typically falls under high risk data due to the sensitive nature of it. Healthcare workers need to be able to share such data with their patients, colleagues and other relevant parties, in a secure and efficient way e.g. sending an email with an x-ray attached.

gdpr for healthcare
Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Cyber Attack Prevention

Today with cyber-attacks being more prevalent than ever, Healthcare firms are choosing Wizuda because it is built with security and privacy by design and prevents cyber-attacks through multi-factor authentication, brute force protection, full end to end encryption, malicious content blocking, amongst others. With Wizuda you can also control who sends you data.

Digital Transformation

The Irish HSE and many Irish Healthcare organisations are undergoing digital transformation in a bid to provide more efficient services with lower costs e.g. phase out fax machines and reduce USBs, couriers and post replacing them with digital alternatives.

With Wizuda there are no file size limitations, therefore reducing the likelihood of shadow IT and users seeking alternatives, instead Wizuda provides one centralised solution to meet all of your file sharing needs.

gdpr for healthcare
gdpr for healthcare

With Wizuda, Healthcare Workers Can Receive the Following Benefits

Send mails securely
Share large files
Prevent data getting into the wrong hands
Save on time and costs
Increased customer trust

With Wizuda, Patients Can Receive the Following Benefits:

More efficient processes
Improved patient care

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