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Legal firms work with highly sensitive data which in the event of a data breach could have a significant impact on the client and other parties mentioned, the case and the legal firm. Legal firms choose Wizuda for secure email and file sharing because it is built with security and privacy by design, and includes extensive data breach prevention and cyber-attack protection technologies.

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Secure Email & File Sharing from wizuda

Secure Data Sharing

Wizuda gives users an easy way to send mails securely and compliantly. Unlike Outlook, files of any size can be attached, thereby significantly reducing the need to use USBs, Couriers and Post, thus saving on time and costs.

Data Security

For data security we need to lock down all unauthorised access to that data from an inbound and outbound perspective as well as protecting data at rest.

Wizuda security uses leading technologies and locks down access in many ways including:

gdpr legal company
GDPR Compliance Software

GDPR and ISO 27001 Compliance

Client data needs to be handled compliantly. Wizuda is built with privacy by design and enables you to demonstrate that your client data has been handled compliantly in the following ways:
  • Encryption by default
  • Access controls including MFA
  • Recipient verification checks
  • BCC by default options
  • Email retraction
  • Restrict recipient actions e.g. view only
  • Full audit trails to show all activity

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