Wizuda for Public Sector Protecting Citizens’ Data

All personal data belonging to EU citizens needs to be protected and managed in accordance with the GDPR. Public bodies have a requirement to be able to share such data lawfully with their colleagues, data subjects and third parties, in a secure and efficient way, when fulfilling their employment functions.

With Wizuda, users can send personal data securely and get all of the data breach prevention benefits such as preventing data from getting into the wrong hands via recipient verification checks, bcc by default and email retraction.

gdpr legal company
gdpr public sector

Digital Transformation

Government departments in Ireland are undergoing digital transformation in a bid to provide more efficient services with lower costs e.g. phase out fax machines and reduce USBs, couriers and post replacing them with digital alternatives.

With Wizuda, there are no file size limitations, meaning all file sizes can be attached to the mail and shared securely.

Cyber Attack Prevention

Citizens data needs to be protected from cyber-attacks. Public bodies choose Wizuda because it is built with security and privacy by design and prevents cyber-attacks through multi-factor authentication, brute force protection, full end to end encryption, malicious content blocking, amongst others. With Wizuda you can control who sends you data.

wizuda public sector
wizuda public sector

With Wizuda, Public Sector Workers Can…

Send mails securely
Share large files
Prevent data getting into the wrong hands
Save on time and costs
Increased customer trust

With Wizuda, Citizens Can Receive the Following Benefits:

More efficient processes
Improved patient care

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