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Get Real-time Visibility of your File Transfers

Wizuda MFT enables IT to manage their organisation’s file transfers securely, efficiently and compliantly from one centralised platform. Geographic maps and network diagrams are automatically updated to provide real-time visibility of all file transfer activities and include drill-through functionality to access the lower level file transfer details and logs.

Guaranteed File Delivery

There are real consequences to files not getting delivered such as missed SLAs, penalty fines being issued and customer complaints. Wizuda’s transaction based and fault tolerant data delivery engine with auto resume and recovery guarantees your files get delivered.

In the event of a server outage, high availability and automatic load balancing ensures transfer jobs are automatically allocated to the available servers.

Alerts and reporting provide real time visibility of all transfers.

Locate and Fix Issues Fast

Wizuda’s unique ‘Health Check’ automatically alerts you of file transfer issues as they occur, enabling you to proactively manage them before they impact the business. Scheduled checks monitor host connectivity, authentication, folder and transfer statuses, alerting users of any system or delivery threshold issues. Alerts are issued in real-time when systems are offline or delivery thresholds are broken. Full monitoring logs and reports enable users to locate and fix issues quickly.

Reduce your Exposure to Cyber Attacks

In the event of a cyber-attack, one of the first places auditors investigate are ad hoc scripts as they pose significant areas of weakness.  FTP servers are also particularly vulnerable to compromise.

Wizuda MFT’s structured architecture ensures that data transfers are achieved in a consistent manner, without the need for scripting or programming – thereby allowing legacy scripts and insecure batch processes to be safely decommissioned.  With Wizuda MFT you can ensure your data is secured and encrypted at rest and in transit, therefore protecting it at all times in the transfer journey.

GDPR Compliant Transfers

Wizuda MFT is built with privacy by design and encompasses many compliance features including:

  • Unique DPIA and file transfer linkage
  • Anonymisation module allows you to anonymise, pseudonymise or exclude data as part of the file transfer process where required under GDPR
  • Automated real-time maps of your file transfers
  • Full compliance reporting

Wizuda MFT Product Highlights

The Wizuda Managed File Transfer solution enables you to truly secure and manage the movement of critical data within your organisation and with external parties from one centralised solution. Guaranteed file delivery, full audit trails, automated health checking, and instant reporting on all transfer activities; Wizuda’s fully scalable MFT solution enables you to increase operational efficiencies and regain full control of your organisation’s file transfers.

Built with Privacy by Design, it provides a centralised hub with the compliance elements needed for the management of all organisational data transfers in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

Core Features
Secure Automated Transfers
Guaranteed Delivery
Maps & Diagrams
Health Checks, Monitoring & Alerts
High Availability & Load Balancing
Reporting & Analytics
Compliance Features
Real-Time Maps of File Transfers
Impact Assessments
Data Minimisation
Governance Controls
Compliance Reporting
Implementation & Training

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