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Mitigate Insider Threats

There are several types of insider threats businesses need to be mindful of. However, be it human error or a malicious attack, putting the right solutions in place to mitigate these is key.

Did you know that two of the top data breaches reported in Ireland and the UK are due to human error?

Emailing the Wrong Person

We’ve all done it, typed in the first few letters of the recipient’s email address, it autocompletes the rest, we press send and then realise it’s gone to the wrong person!!!

Horror strikes! We know recall doesn’t work, if anything, it piques people’s interest in the email.

With no way of truly retracting it or being able to tell if they have read or downloaded it, we have to report the potential data breach to the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours..

Wizuda CFS addresses this in several ways, including;

Recipient address verification

It may sound simple, but simply being automatically prompted to verify the list of recipients in a vertical display, highlights incorrect domains and has been proven to prevent such manual errors.

Retraction Capability

Wizuda CFS includes the ability to instantly retract a mail and have instant visibility over who has read and/or downloaded the file prior to retraction.

This prevents you from having to report a potential data breach unnecessarily.

Forgetting to BCC

Another example is failing to BCC the recipients. This can have devasting effects as we saw in the UK which resulted in the ICO issuing a fine of £200k pre-GDPR – see here for further details.

Wizuda CFS provides the solution;

BCC by Default

Built with Privacy by Design, Wizuda CFS automatically prevents recipients from seeing the email addresses of the other recipients, by default. Whilst there is an option to allow recipients to view these, it has to be selected deliberately first, thus minimising this risk significantly.

Malicious Attack

Authorisation Workflows

Businesses need to protect themselves, and should an internal employee wish to send data to an unauthorised person or location, we need to be able to show we have taken all reasonable measures to help mitigate this risk.

Wizuda CFS addresses this in several ways, including;

Authorisation Workflow

Wizuda gives you options to set up authorisation workflows around transfer activities so you can ensure for any transfer to take place, it would need to go through an approval process first before it can go live.

Extensive Permissions & Audit Trails

Granular level permissions and full audit logs give full end to end assurance of all transfer activities and lock down access.

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