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Protect Against Cyber Attack

In the event of a cyber-attack, one of the first places auditors investigate are ad hoc scripted batch processes as they pose significant areas of weakness.

Such scripts typically fail to provide any central visibility, audit trail or change control, passwords are usually stored in plain text and they are often a single point of failure as they are frequently scripted and managed by one individual.

Wizuda MFT

is a unified, configurable, fully auditable system, enabling the centralised setup and control of both new and existing file transfers.

Wizuda’s MFT structured architecture ensures that data transfers are achieved in a consistent manner, without the need for scripting or programming – thereby allowing legacy scripts and insecure batch processes to be safely decommissioned.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of all transfers through one centralised platform.
  • Full audit trails, change controls and granular permission levels.
  • Secure and encrypt data at rest and in transit.
  • Guaranteed transfer delivery is achieved through the MFT transaction based and fault tolerant data delivery engine with auto resume and recovery.
  • High availability & automatic load balancing.

MFT White Paper

MFT Data Sheet