Secure File Sharing

Data is at the heart of every organisation and the movement of that data in terms of security, compliance and making sure it gets delivered on time is key. The number of file transfers that need to take place as part of core business operations is significant, spanning up to thousands per day for some companies.

File Sharing Use Cases

Do you…

  • need a way to share files with sensitive content securely?
  • need a secure and efficient way to send large file sizes?
  • want to be able to attach large files over email?
  • need an easy and secure way for your clients to send data to you?
  • need a file sharing process that passes audits?

Get Data from your Customers

Wizuda provides and easy and secure way for your customers to share data with you. Built with security and privacy by design, means you get the following benefits:

  • Encryption by default, so no need to mess around with encryption keys and confusing instructions
  • User authorisation verification
  • Malicious content blocking
  • No need for support calls
  • Just happy customers

Wizuda Security for File Sharing

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