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Secure Email and Encryption

Wizuda CFS

For Secure Email and Encryption

Need a secure email solution with automated encryption?

Need to stop using insecure alternatives such as WeTransfer, Dropbox and USBs?

Built with Privacy by Design

Wizuda Compliant File Share (CFS) is the one-stop secure email and encryption solution that is easy to use and integrates with your standard email, so you don’t have to disrupt current work processes.

CFS workflow controls


  • Full Access Logs and Audit Trails
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Manage Data Retention Schedules
  • Full Reporting Suite
CFS robust reporting

GDPR Compliant

  • Built with ‘Privacy by Design’
  • Built-in safeguards to prevent the most common data breaches e.g. sending data to the wrong people
  • Retraction capabilities so mails are no longer available to the recipients
  • Control where your data resides
  • Manage data retention policies
  • Geo-location locking so data can only be accessed from specific locations
  • Full Compliance reporting
Wizuda file sharing

Easy to Use

  • Email integration and/or use your Wizuda secure online portal
  • No file size limitation
  • Easy to use for senders and recipients
  • Flexible hosting options

CFS White Paper

CFS Data Sheet