WizudaSecure Email

Wizuda integrates with your Outlook giving you all of the email security and data breach prevention capabilities without having to change your business processes.

Easy to use

secure email

Corporate Email Security

Protection Against Phishing & Cyber-Attack

by default
Block Malicious Content
Control who sends you data
Multi-factor authentication
Brute force protection
secure email

Data Breach Prevention

Protect Against Human Error

Secure Email Features

Fully hosted, on-site, and hybrid delivery options are available

All development and support are carried out from our Dublin Headquarters and Limerick office.

Trusted bymany industry leading brands

secure email

Why Wizuda

Full Outlook integration means users don’t need to change their current daily processes. Wizuda is easy for guests to use also.

Wizuda offers significant security features including encryption and multi-factor authentication and recipient view-only options along with full audit trails.

Wizuda prevents data breaches through a wide range of safe-guards including, BCC by default, recipient verification checks, content checks, data retention scheduling and retraction capabilities.

We have sold into the Irish Public and Private sectors and internationally. Many of our sales have come from customers referrals.

Wizuda can be easily scaled up to suit a customer’s growing requirement without the need for IT intervention.

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