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Simple and secure file sharing and collaboration for your business

Wizuda Virtual Data Room (VDR) Software provides your business with a secure online repository for document storage, collaboration and sharing. Built with ‘privacy by design’, Wizuda VDRs include encryption by default. They can be set up in minutes, without the need for IT intervention, enabling you to manage deals and company projects more productively, without compromising on security or compliance.

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virtual data rooms

Benefits of Virtual Data Room Software

Having Virtual Data Room software enables businesses to work on projects and share confidential data easily within a secure, compliant and audited space. Wizuda Virtual Data Rooms brings numerous benefits, particularly for the prevention of data breaches, enhanced security and efficient sharing of information. See some of the other key reasons why businesses choose Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software every day.

Key benefits include;

Quick setup

Getting started with Wizuda VDRs is simple and fast. Our onboarding team will help you set up, ensuring a seamless, error free experience for you and your users. Users can access their Virtual Data Room Software from any computer or browser. Uploading, accessing and managing your Wizuda VDR is highly intuitive.

virtual data rooms
virtual data rooms

World Leading Security and Compliance

Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software boasts advanced security features including third-party validated application and datacenter controls from SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits, bank-level encryption in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for added security.

Our ‘privacy by design’ enables you to control where your data resides and benefit from the in-built safeguards designed to prevent common data breaches.

Manage Users and Permissions

The setup of Users and permission levels is simple. Access can also be revoked easily. All user activities in your VDR are fully audited and can be reported on by authorised users. Options are available to lock down access to specific domains, geographic locations or IPs.

virtual data rooms
virtual data rooms

Document Sharing
& Protection

Simply upload and download files as required. With Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software, there are no file size limitations. Security can be enforced so files are set to ‘view-only’, disabling the ‘select text’ and print functions. Watermarks can be enforced on documents e.g. automatically apply UserIDs and timestamps for additional security. You can also control who has access to data through the whitelist/blacklist domain management functions.

Secure Communications

Wizuda VDRs comes with secure email/messaging so you can communicate to relevant parties on highly confidential issues, and include attachments, all within your secure VDR space. All communications are encrypted by default. There are also in-built safeguards to help prevent data accidently or maliciously getting into the wrong hands.

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Virtual Data Room Features

Here at Wizuda, we know how critical data room security is to ensuring the safe and successful sharing of information. That’s why we have created a complex, yet efficient, simple and easy to install and use virtual data room software, that requires no additional training or IT intervention. Our VDR includes a host of features, including secure encrypted messaging, two factor authentication and the ability to share large file sizes. We also integrate seamlessly with Outlook. See our full list of Wizuda Virtual Data Room Software features below.

Fully hosted, on-site and hybrid delivery options are available

All development and support are carried out from our Dublin Headquarters and Limerick office.

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