“Leinster star Mike Ross tackles the tech world”

Mike Ross, former Leinster and Irish international rugby player has decided to hang up the boots and take on a new role of Commercial Director here at Wizuda. We are delighted to have him on board and he is a great addition to our team.

An article posted by the Irish times said: “Former Irish international rugby player Mike Ross has left the world of sport to become commercial director for technology firm Wizuda. Mr Ross will focus on developing the company’s Irish customer portfolio for the file-sharing solutions and data transfer arms of the Wizuda business.”

“Under the GDPR legislation, which comes into force in Ireland in May 2018, companies must ensure that personal data is protected. Amongst other things, this means that organisations must use safe methods to transfer data.”

Read the full article here.

Ex-Leinster star Mike Ross tackles the tech world and joins Wizuda as Commercial Director

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