The Irish Times Interview with Wizuda Commercial Director Mike Ross

Wizuda Commercial Director Mike Ross interview with the Irish Times

In a recent interview with Simon Cocking from the Irish Times, our Commercial Director Mike Ross gives us an insight into various aspects of his new role at Wizuda, his background, why he decided to move into the tech world, and how he is helping organisations to achieve GDPR compliant data transfers.

Mike joined our team back in July, and has since been involved in moving the company forward by helping businesses solve the challenges involved in achieving GDPR compliance, and really getting the word out there about the importance of compliance before May 25th 2018.

When asked about the importance of compliant data transfers as a step towards GDPR compliance, Mike emphasises the fact that “if you don’t have full real-time visibility and control over where your data is going or if your business is sending personal or commercially sensitive data over email, then your business is potentially exposed to encountering data breaches and failing a data protection audit.”

To hear more from Mike on all things GDPR, you can read the full interview here.









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