Wizuda’s Compliant File Share Solution Rolled out to StubbsGazette

Wizuda Commercial Director Mike Ross with StubbsGazette Managing Director James TreacyWe are delighted to announce the addition of StubbsGazette to our customer portfolio, providing them with our Compliant File Share (CFS) solution to enable highly sensitive, personally identifiable financial data to be shared compliantly in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The CFS solution will make up part of StubbsGazette’s existing ID Verification, Anti-Fraud, Credit Checking, and Debt Collection product suite.

StubbsGazette has been a market leader in business information, credit referencing, compliance, debt recovery and associated software solutions in Ireland since 2008. By implementing our innovative CFS solution, clients can be entirely confident in the company’s data protection credentials which is essential to the maintenance of the organisation’s respected commercial reputation and success.

The fast approaching GDPR strongly encourages the use of practices such as conducting impact assessments, implementing data retention policies, data minimisation and using anonymisation and pseudonymisation to protect the anonymity of the data subjects. Our CFS solution includes such features amongst its compliance suite helping to simplify the path to GDPR compliance in the data transfer space.

One of the key aspects to implementing GDPR compliant file sharing policies according to James Treacy, Managing Director, StubbsGazette was to avoid any negative impact on productivity: “Wizuda seamlessly integrates with our existing technologies and has empowered compliant file sharing behaviour without compromising the efficiency of our day to day business operations or those of our clients. We see the roll out of Wizuda as a significant part of our overall GDPR compliance programme. Wizuda helped advise us on the key parameters and policies needed to protect key data under GDPR and how to map out an audit trail to ensure compliance.” Speaking about the partnership, Mike Ross, Commercial Director, Wizuda, said: “StubbsGazette are taking their obligations as a data processor and data controller seriously and the implementation of our strong, easy to use solution reinforces to both their customers and employees, the priority they place on data protection. Email attachments are inherently insecure and replacing this method of file sharing with Wizuda’s Compliant File Share software is an important step in being able to demonstrate GDPR compliant processes are in place.”

For more information on our GDPR Compliant File Share solution, visit here.

Wizuda Commercial Director Mike Ross with StubbsGazette Managing Director James Treacy

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